posted 1 min ago by I AM JOHANNES

this is definitely a special one for me: shooting my favorite guerilla-style in the back of a car and editing everything including mind-bending still frame animations in a video was a challenge but turned out to be very powerful and super unique. #whatwehavedone #7fieldsRELEASE DAY!! Today this is the best video of the world! I´ve made quite a few videos throughout my career, and this is definitely one of my favourites. It captures perfectly the mood I was a having in mind for the song. It´s not always easy, but this time it just worked. Thanks, I AM JOHANNES, for your great work and creating this mezmerizing video, I love working with you. And thanks to all my friends involved, it´s been a pleasure and I´m very grateful for you helping out on short notice to be part in this. The EP is coming with three fantastic remixes by musicians I admire: Niklas Ibach, Dayne S and Christian Bachmann – Music. Your interpretations of my song make me proud to be a songwriter. Please find the EP and remixes here and have a listen, stream or buy: https://7fields.lnk.to/WWHD Thank you to everyone taking the time to watch and attend to what we´ve created with love and effort. Please share if you care, spreading the word and video is deeply appreciated.


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